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Search for Christian dating or Christian matchmaking on the major search engines and you won’t find ChristianSoulMates listed in the paid advertising columns. You may have a problem finding this site in the free listings.

In the field of Christian Matchmaking and Christian dating ChrsitianSoulMates may be the best kept, secret goldmine on the internet.

The owners have found the secret to building a Christian site. Build it, fill it with quality features, and let God do the rest.

Many so called Christian matchmaking sites advertised on the internet are general dating sites posing as Christian sites! Not the case with this site, these floks have done a fantastic job of practicing what they preach.

All the features that you could want or need in a Christian Matchmaking site!

The ease and pleasure of using this site is obvious from the beginning. The profile page is broken down into eleven one paragraph sections, each offering prompts on what to write!

The picture upload section is straightforward, but should you have a problem uploading, just email the picture to support and it will be inserted in your profile for you!

A search bar download is available so that you can check what’s going on with your membership, without signing into the site!

Instant messenger loads as soon as you sign in, and of course in line with the quality of this site you can control who can message you!

Throw in two way email, chat rooms, private chat rooms, display of who is on now, display of last online date, member forums and laser focused search criteria qualifies this site as a winner by any standard.

Membership cost for this Christian matchmaking site is very reasonable, taking the savings that could have been spent on advertising and passing it on to their members.

Starting with a full featured free ten day trial membership, the choices are to remain a free or basic member with restrictions or join as a paid member for probably the lowest price on the internet!

Offering a full featured site at a reasonable price should be enough for any Christian matchmaking site to offer. Right? Nope! Not for the folks at

You can earn free membership time by:

Joining as a member and posting a voice introduction to get three days free.

Posting a recent photo of yourself will earn you another three days free.

Refer a friend that joins as a free member to get ten days free.

Participating in one of the volunteer programs such as leading a prayer group, moderating a chat room, counseling other members in need or help with programming and design work and get thirty days free.

Join in on one of the travel promotions, which are events geared toward making it easier to meet other Christian singles to get ninety days free.

If you’re serious about finding Christian friendship then do yourself a favor, click the link below and check out a for real  Christian matchmaking opportunity at .



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