Free Christian Date Site a free Christian date site.

Christian date .com was apparently first registered on March 19, 1998. The current registration will expire on March 18, 2011. The site claims 78,893 active members, but with an average three month ranking of 217,067 at I would guess that the membership is much larger.


Membership is FREE forever with an option to become a contributing member.

Free membership provides access to all of the sites features with the exception of the ability to determine when another member was last active and the feature to determine who is viewing you!

Contributing membership provides access to all features, sends your profile to the top of the search page and makes support available to you!

This is a full featured site rivaling many of the paid sites. Joining is straight forward and takes less than five minutes.

Well thought out search filters permit laser like search results, eliminating the need to read through pages of almost matches.

The contributing member option is unique and the owner of the site is to be commended for His/Her honesty in the way it is presented.

Web hosting and bandwidth are not really expensive today, but maintaining a website the size of Christian Date. Com is time consuming. Asking for contributions is an excellent of covering the costs.

The lack of onsite contact information and the three nag screens, to become a contributing member, upon log in are the reason this site is recommended at four and one half stars rather than five.

If you’re interested in a free Christian date site then jump on Christian Date .Com. Try the service for free if it satisfied your needs, consider joining as a contributing member and help keep the site on line. We need more sites owned and managed by honest people.

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